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Event Tracking For Checkout Completion Rate

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Enabling an event driven checkout completion strategy is foundational in activating targeted abandon cart strategy and AB testing to increase conversions. Without events, you are simply guessing.

Once you have added GrowthPhysics Shopify App to your store, follow the instructions in our app to activate Segment so events generated by our app can be federated to downstream tools. We recommend Amplitude, a behavioral analytics platform to visualize the analysis of our events.

What is the Checkout Completion Rate?

Checkout Completion Rate measures the percentage of users who completes an order once they start their checkout experience.

Checkout Complete Rate Equation

In the Shopify ecosystem, the checkout experience starts when a user lands on a url containing "/checkouts/". Our system fires a corresponding Checkout Started event. As the user moves down the funnel and towards a purchase, we follow their activity by tracking three subsequent user actions that corresponds to the following sequence of events:

Contact Info Entered > Shipping Method Entered > Payment Info Entered.

Thus, we map out the checkout completion flow in five (5) events in the following sequential order:

Checkout Started
Contact Info Entered
Shipping Method Entered
Payment Info Entered
Order Completed

Visualizing the Checkout Completion Flow

Log into your behavioral analytics service account. We will be using Amplitude. GrowthPhysics' events will appear under the same name irregardless which downstream service you use.

In Amplitude:

  1. Click on New
  2. Click on Chart
  3. Expand Chart menu
  4. Select Funnel Analysis
Analytics Platform: Amplitude | Create a new funnel
  1. Click on Select Event
  2. Scroll to Uncategorized Events. Here you will find all GrowthPhysics events.
GrowthPhysics events are grouped under Uncategorized section
  1. Select the following 5 GrowthPhysics events in the exact order provided:
Checkout Started
Contact Info Entered
Shipping Method Entered
Payment Info Entered
Order Completed

Your final view should resemble the image below.

  1. Click on Save and name your analysis Checkout Completion

Importance of Checkout Completion

Checkout completion measures the efficiency of your checkout experience. More nuanced is that checkout completion is a signal for desirability of and trust in your product/brand/service.

How is Checkout Completion Rate Used in Decision Making?

Understanding where a user dropped off during the checkout process and having visibility into the properties of the basket will help you make better decisions in how you design your abandon cart strategy and provide the metrics for AB testing.

We Practice What We Preach

For our agency, we take a full-stack growth team + full-funnel execution approach to growth. We have the resources and skillsets to impact top of the funnel metric, Cost per Click, and bottom of the funnel metric, conversion rate. In our experience, conversion rate optimization is a critical component of managing down CAC as we scale spend.

GrowthPhysics Events
Checkout Started
Contact Info Entered
Shipping Method Entered
Payment Info Entered
Order Completed

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