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After you have added GrowthPhysics Shopify App to your store, we automagically bootstrap 25 key e-commerce behavioral events, listed below, to your store along with 59 event properties.

What Are Events?

Events reflect actions a user takes when interacting with your website. Every page load, click, scroll, keystroke, and more can be visualized and tracked as an event. Events help store owners gain a deeper understanding of their store and product experience from a user's perspective. Just because you can track every type of user interaction in your store doesn't mean you should.

Track what matters and avoid Event FOMO at all cost. We help you focus by injecting the 25 most important events you need to start measuring and improving your primary KPIs.

So ... Which Events Actually Matter?

Track events that impact your primary KPI directly or indirectly as a multiplier via supporting KPIs.

With our base Events tier, we instantly activate twenty (25) mission critical events in your Shopify store to analyze your user's behaviors and measure your key KPIs.

How do I use GrowthPhysics events?

Events track user actions. Actions such as:

Viewed Home Page
Checkout Started
Order Completed

Events become data points, eg Today 100 users started checkout and of those, 40 users completed an order.

Data points, aggregated, turn into insights. Based on the example above, the data yields a metric: 40% Checkout Completion Rate, a key contributing KPI to revenue.

Checkout Completion Rate helps you understand your store's revenue efficiency when compared to benchmarks.

Headlights vs Road. Know the Difference

Data's purpose is to create a feedback loop. The data you measure via events and where it feeds back into needs to be clearly defined. Data should feedback into a formula, an equation, that measures the main KPI.

Event serves as headlights to bring visibility to the road you are driving on. That road is your main KPI equation. Don't confuse the headlights with the road.

GrowthPhysics Events
Checkout Started
Discount Applied
Discount Removed
Order Cancelled
Order Completed
Order Fulfilled
Payment Info Entered
Product Added
Product Clicked
Product Removed
Contact Info Entered
Shipping Method Entered
Sign In
Sign Out
Sign Up
Viewed Cart Page
Viewed Collection Page
Viewed Home Page
Viewed Product Page
Order Refunded
Email Captured
Order Paid
Order Updated

Understand your customers and their behaviors in a deeper, more meaningful way that drives profitable growth. Add our app to your Shopify store.

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I've led e-commerce operations, built growth teams, and scaled three consumer brands from seed to over $100M in revenues. My insights on growth stems from my experience as an investment banker, front end engineer, UI/UX designer, CxO, and investor. Growth is an exercise in navigating uncertainty through decisions. Hopefully my experience will help you make better decisions for your business.

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