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The Physics of Growth

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Growth is navigating uncertainty through a series of decisions. How you structure predictability into your decision-making enhances your probability of success. Growth results from a series of good decisions. Hyper-growth results from a series of good decisions with a multiplier effect.

Through our experience, we have cultivated a science to delivering predictable growth outcomes. We take a physics approach to growth, rooted in two core mental models: First Principles and Probabilistic Thinking. 

The physics of growth is deterministic. All businesses and their activities obey a set of equations. Using first principles, we break these equations down into their component metrics and data to identify levers in user behavior.

The execution of growth is highly probabilistic and lends to a wide range of outcomes. By combining the equations that describe a business into growth models, we can leverage physics to impact the outcomes by generating predictions to inform better decisions. 

Our growth framework is based on Analyze, Discover, and Execute. The analysis is the step most often skipped over. We leverage quantitative analysis (financial modeling) to help brands understand their possible futures via scenario planning. This exposes the metrics and targets that a growth program will need to achieve in order to realize the desired outcome. We then assess the probability of each outcome to discover the right growth program for our client.

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Some Data Points On Me

I've led e-commerce operations, built growth teams, and scaled three consumer brands from seed to over $100M in revenues. My insights on growth stems from my experience as an investment banker, front end engineer, UI/UX designer, CxO, and investor. Growth is an exercise in navigating uncertainty through decisions. Hopefully my experience will help you make better decisions for your business.

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