Over the past 10 years we have successfully hyper-scaled multiple leading consumer brands from launch to over $100 million in revenues, including ThirdLove, Papa & Barkley, and NatureBox. We have learned some fundamental principles on growth that is applicable to brands at every stage.

  • Growth is a series of decisions.
  • Growth is a team sport.
  • Growth done right is like science.

Growth is primarily driven by making good decisions. As a team sport, growth requires a set of specific skills and a system for those skills to operate cohesively within. Most brands over complicate or under invest in growth. When done right, growth is simplistic, is predictable and is like science.


Good decisions require a framework gained over time from the successes and failures of experience. With a combined 15+ years of growth executive experience in delivering hyper growth at leading consumer brands funded by top venture capital firms such as Sequoia, Andreeson, Caanan, we bring a unique brand-first approach and brand-driven strategy to our clients. Additionally, our approach is powered by a proprietary growth system designed, engineered, battle-tested and refined over the past decade and across multiple brands and multiple product categories.

Justin, an engineer by trade, has spent the majority of the last decade working in Growth, Product Management, and Engineering Management. Justin uses a strong product intuition, backed by sound financial modeling, leveraged by data analysis and technical expertise to create hyper growth opportunities.

Justin led product and engineering on the iterations of ThirdLove’s Try Before You Buy Program that saw CAC reduced by over 90% and revenue grow 347% year over year. Justin also built CircleCI’s data and analytics infrastructure that saw the company through 1000%+ revenue growth over 5 years.

Jimmy Joe

CEO, Managing Partner

Justin Cowperthwaite

CTO, Managing Partner

Jimmy has been building and leading growth teams and overall e-commerce P&L strategy for fast growing direct-to-consumer brands over the past decade. Over the years, he has designed and refined a data-driven growth system that has delivered results to the most demanding brands.

He is the chief architect of ThirdLove's 
Try Before You Buy Program
that launched the brand into pop culture with 347% year over year growth. He is the chief architect of Papa & Barkley's nationwide direct-to-consumer CBD business that experienced 14x growth in less than 12 months.


We have advised and scaled some of the most recognized direct-to-consumer brands across multiple industries. Our team of media buyers, engineers, designers, product managers, growth architects and data scientists are seasoned in proven growth strategies and tactics. Our deep bench of experience enables us to ramp up rapidly and deliver aggressive cost per acquisition or revenue per customer targets within a short time frame.