GrowthPhysics Evaluation Process

Our evaluation process is designed to provide immediate value to brands so that you will have greater clarity on possible growth strategies given your current performance metrics via our Free Growth Performance Report.

  1. Complete Our 1-Minute Growth Assessment Survey

    We want to get to know your business. Our experience has identified key metrics that help inform and predict growth performance. In growth programs and systems we run, the first step is to understand financial outcomes.

    Complete Your Growth Assessment
  2. Receive Your Free Growth Performance Report

    Within 2 business days you will receive our Growth Performance Report. We feed the metrics you provide into our quant models. This provides us with a statistical assessment of success scenarios and return on investment.

  3. Set Up Free Strategy Session with Jimmy & Justin

    If your business is a good fit for our growth services, we will reach out via email to set up a Zoom call within 7 business days.

  4. [optional] Free Growth Report Card

    If you are on Shopify, add our Shopify App to your store and receive our Free Growth Report Card. We offer a 14-Day Free Trial. Our Growth Report Card compares your store's historical data against benchmarks across key performance metrics. This also helps us understand your cohorted Customer Lifetime Value.

    Add GP Shopify App
  5. Your 45 Minute Zoom Strategy Session

    During the call, we will walk through the Growth Performance Report. We will align on key performance metrics and supporting sub-metrics as guardrails to a potential service engagement. We will provide our data-informed assessment on growth programs available to your business. This is also a great opportunity for us to answer any questions you may have on growth.

  6. Customized Growth Proposal

    Within 3 business days after our call, you will receive our growth proposal with key performance metric target customized for the stage of your business.

  7. Activation Timeline

    Depending on your analytics maturity and timely access to brand-side assets, we can get ads up and running within 2 calendar weeks.